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Orchard Christmas Song

Happy Christmas from all of the staff and children in Orchard We hope you enjoy our Christmas song - We Wish You A Merry Christmas


Creating avid readers at Hawksworth Wood Primary School 

Our reading curriculum is designed to provide an experience for all children which enables them to become fluent able and confident readers who are able to comprehend a wide range of stories, poems texts. We have included opportunities for them to explore high quality texts from a diverse range of authors. Children are supported at all stages in their reading. from the very beginning of learning rhymes and letter sounds through the teaching of phonics to whole class guided reading lessons. All classes then enjoy a whole class reading session at the end of the busy school day.

In EYFS and Y1 we follow Little Wandle phonics scheme, which ensures that every child is supported to learn to read and to love it too!

From Y2-Y6 we follow a whole class guided reading session which allows us to develop a consistent approach to teaching reading throughout school. This allows children to make progress and develop key comprehension skills whilst becoming confident readers. Our reading sessions follow a clear systematic approach to teaching comprehension skills using high quality texts which are chosen specifically to develop pupils’ vocabulary and language comprehension.

Creating talented writers an Hawksworth Wood Primary School

Writing at Hawksworth Wood Primary School used the Opening doors model and uses good quality texts which are chosen specifically to develop pupils’ vocabulary and written skills. Our writing sessions focus on learning model texts and using elements of these in shared, guided and independent writing sessions.

Writing is taught daily from EYFS through to Year 6. This begins with our youngest children mark making outside and creating large scale pieces of writing or using a ‘text map’ which allows them to see a pictorial representation of the written text. This is used to orally rehearse throughout the block of writing enabling children to write independently in a similar style.

Children write daily throughout a unit of work which may take the form of short burst writing to develop a specific skill, which will then feed into longer independent pieces of writing. Each unit of work has a planned outcome giving purpose for our children’s writing for example they may be writing a set of a set of instructions to share with another class, or making a book collaboratively for the library.

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