Welcome To Reception

The Reception team consists of class teachers, Mrs Benn and Mrs Lenehan and teaching assistants Mrs Murray, Mrs Binks and Miss Shaw.

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In Reception we are mathematicians

Maths is well integrated into all of the areas throughout the classroom, we love finding new ways to explore number, space, shape and measure. Take a look. We are always encouraged to explain our work to others We use equipment to develop a deeper understanding of...

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Welcome to the Vets!

You guessed it, our classroom changed AGAIN! We have learned lots about animals so we thought it would be nice to become vets. We have forms that we need to fill out, bandages and equipment to inspect the animals before we can help them get better. Here's some photos...

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We’re going on a safari

Uh-oh! Our classroom changed again, this time a safari area appeared with our very own jeep! We learned all about the different animals that live in the continent of Africa and how hot places are different to cold places. We had a picnic in the tent We drove around,...

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