Our School Council

School Council

At Hawksworth Wood Primary School our School Council is a representative group of pupils from Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

We are elected by our peers to represent their views and raise issues with the senior managers and governors of our school.

We have a say about decisions and play an active role in making our school a better place.

We develop active life skills through participating in decision making.

This year so far, we have:


  • organised a questionnaire to find out about the good things and the things that need improving in our school
  • redesigned the pupils’ leaflet for Anti-Bullying
  • held a competition for illustrations for the leaflet and have chosen the winners
  • helped to choose the new logo for school with the governors
  • organised a questionnaire about the Dining Hall, lunchtimes and playtimes

During the Spring Term, we have completed the following tasks:

  • reviewed the results of our questionnaire about the Playtimes, Lunchtimes and Dining Hall.
  • monitored the following key areas including noise levels, behaviour, cleanliness of food trays and cups, stacking of food trays, waste and cleanliness of the Dining Hall floor.
  • evaluated the results of our monitoring and identified follow-up actions. 

A forthcoming event will be our stall at the Easter Fair. We will be given £20 and use this to fund the production of items to sell for profit to raise money for our school.