Welcome To 2RB

The Class 2RB team consists of two class teachers, Mrs Robson and Mrs Benn and teaching assistants Miss Shearon and Miss Shaw.

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The ‘Bear’ Essentials!

As part of the school's Children in Need Day, we learnt about the history of the teddy bear and met bears old and new in the classroom. We showcased our developing pencil line drawing and shading skills in our observational drawings of the different bears.        ...

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Year 2 Science -Everyday Materials

As part of our Science topic work on Everyday Materials, we worked together to explore how objects made from a variety of materials may or may not be changed in different ways -  by squashing, bending, stretching and  twisting.       ...

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Getting Active with Maths.

We have been getting moving and learning with some Active Maths sessions. These sessions combine PE activities and skills with games and challenges to practise the maths skills we have been learning....

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Great Fire of London Drama

As part of our Writing Development work on The Great Fire of London  - diary entries - we used masks to help create characters who could have witnessed the Great Fire. We thought about what each person may have seen, heard, smelt or felt during that terrible week,...

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Maths Challenge Fun!

Class 2RB have been having fun solving maths problems puzzles and challenges. We have used practical apparatus to count and explore place value (tens and ones) in numbers to 100.    ...

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