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The Class IT team consists of class teacher, Mr Tinsley, and teaching assistant Mrs Binks.

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Our Mindmate lesson was all about friendship and kindness! At the start, we were given two presents. The children in 1T all suggested a member of the class who they thought deserved to open the presents and they chose Olivia and Scarlet.   Before opening them, we...

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The Democratic Process in Year 1!

Year 1 have recently been taking part in the process of Democracy - this means voting for something that they would like to see happen. In this case, it was an election to see who would be the Team Captains for our new houses: Griffin, Pegasus, Phoenix and Dragon....

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Numicon Wizards!

1T have been getting to grips with Numicon in maths this week. Numicon is a really exciting maths resource that helps with all sorts of things.  We've been using it to find missing numbers in a number sentence.    

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Seasons and Weather in Year 1

In Year 1 this week, we have been making collages of the different seasons. We used a variety of different techniques to create four trees that represent the four different seasons.         

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Numbers and Place Value!

    In our first few weeks in Year 1, we have been getting to grips with numbers and how they can be represented in different ways.       Burhan has written numerals. Shalaan has rolled a dice, then counted out that number of cubes. Ella has drawn a number...

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