Parent Surveys


We value the views of our parents and pupils and seek them in order to improve our school in the future. We do this through generic questionnaires e.g. Ofsted Parent View and specific questionnaires e.g. Reading Survey. We use the findings to inform our action plans.

Pupil Survey
From our most recent pupil survey, these are the areas we are excelling in:
* 96% of pupils feel that school encourages them to respect people from other backgrounds
   and to treat everyone equally.
* 94% of pupils feel that bullying either doesn’t happen or if it does teachers are good at resolving it.
* 93% of pupils feel that school encourages them to look after their physical health
   (for example healthy eating and fitness).
* 91% of pupils feel that school encourages them to be independent and to take on responsibilities.
* 89% of pupils feel there is an adult at school they can talk to if something is worrying them.

The areas we need to try harder at are:
* enhancing our provision for communication and dissemination of key information to our pupils
* supporting the pupils to use a range of strategies to manage and improve their social and emotional

Please click on the link below to open the results of our recent Survey’s.