Pupil & Family Support

Pupil & Family Support

At Hawksworth Wood Primary School, we strongly believe in nurturing the ‘whole’ child and as such we invest time and resources so we can support the development of our children’s social and emotional behaviours.

In addition to our classroom based team of teachers and support staff, we have wonderful pastoral staff who are skilled in the social and emotional development of children and work with the teachers and support staff to promote inclusion and access to education for all our pupils.

Meet the Pastoral Team

Hello, my name is Gail Clinch and I am the Learning Mentor and senior pastoral support at Hawsworth Wood Primary School. My responsibilities are extremely varied although one aspect I very much enjoy is mentoring children. Mentoring and counselling our children in this way; providing a listening ear for children who need to share and talk, is not only rewarding but has huge benefits for the children.

I also work with the parents and wider families of our children. The nature of my work with parents ranges from simply providing advice over the phone to developing longer group programmes to help parents with any family related issues that also could impact on their children.

I am also the Designated Safeguarding Lead in school and our school attendance officer.

Hello, my name is Sarah Jackson and I am the Community and Inclusion Worker at Hawsworth Wood. Much of my time is spent working with pupils in school to improve their control and social skills, which in turn, enables them to learn within the classroom.

In addition, I am looking to include in my role, some working with our families outside of school; supporting with any family issues that are identified. This could cover a wide range of issues from general behaviour to parenting groups.