Home Learning

Home Learning

Homework is an important extension of classroom learning. It helps to cement the ideas that children learn at school. We define homework as any activity that pupils undertake outside of school lesson time; either on their own or with the support of family members. We have a strong commitment to parental involvement and see homework as one way of developing this partnership.

Homework at Hawksworth Wood Primary School

Children in Years 1-6 all have the same basic skills homework to complete each week.
These are:

  • Home Reading
  • Learning Spellings
  • Practising Multiplication tables and associated division facts, (years 2-6)

Home Reading

Every child should have a home reading book which is changed regularly. Class teacher’s and support staff are responsible for giving out home reading books. Text will be at the level the child is working at but with an appropriate level of challenge to promote progress.

Generally books should be changed at least once per week for younger children. As a child’s reading ability progresses, longer texts may take more than a week to read.

Spelling Homework

Children are given a weekly list of spellings to learn at home. These spellings will be tested weekly and will usually correspond with the spelling content being taught in school that week.

Specific Maths/English Homework

We aim for children from Year 2 onwards to be given Maths and/or English homework every Friday. A full week is given for homework to be completed with all homework being collected by the following Friday.