At Hawksworth wood, we strongly believe that teaching children to read well is the key to them being successful learners.

We have recently reviewed the way we teach early reading to our youngest pupils and are looking forward to seeing brilliant results!

Early Reading

We use ‘Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised’ as our phonics scheme. Children have daily phonics lessons and weekly reading lessons which provide them with the opportunities to practice and consolidate their growing phonics knowledge. This starts when the children first join us in reception, where we teach them the letter sounds (phonemes) using rhymes and how to blend the sounds together to read the words.  Children practice the sounds that they have learnt in school and at home. Click here to view the whole teaching programme.

Home Reading Books

Children at Hawksworth wood will bring 2 different types of reading books home:

  • Reading Practice Book: This will be an eBook version of the reading book that your child has read throughout the week in school. This book is matched to the secure letter sound knowledge that your child has. They should be able to read this book fluently and independently. It is really important that children keep motivated and develop their confidence with these books so lots of encouragement and praise is great!
  • Sharing Book: Your child will choose a sharing book for you to enjoy together. Your child will not be able to read this book on their own. This book is purely for interest and is to help your child to develop a love of reading. They will need you to read this book to them as it won’t match what sounds they already know.

By the time children are in Key Stage 2, we aim for them to be reading their own choice reading book chosen from their class book corners which are stocked with books for their age range and ability.


Guided Reading

Once children have secured their early reading skills and are able to read independently, we start to teach daily whole class guided reading lessons. In these lessons, children have access to a wide range of quality texts which develop vocabulary, reading stamina and reading comprehension skills.

Useful Links

Little Wandle  –  Videos and information for parents on how we teach phonics  at Hawksworth Wood.
Phonics Glossary – Definitions of vocabulary used in the teaching of phonics and early reading. Useful strategies that can help your child.

Phonics Play– (free subscription and paid available)
Further games that aim to develop sound recognition, the sight reading of the red/tricky words and sound discrimination games.

Alphablocks by BBC – Child-friendly short videos that expose children to hearing the sounds through storytelling and blending sounds to read simple words.

Leeds Libraries  –  Information with regards to Supporting your child with their reading.

Please see below for helpful videos created by Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised.