PSHE Curriculum at Hawksworth Wood Primary

The Personal Development of the pupils at Hawksworth Wood Primary School is at the forefront of our curriculum. We have designed a curriculum where PHSE and British Values are embeded into everything that we do and our School Values echo this.

We recognise that some of our pupils upon entry to school may have low language acquisition and vocabulary, narrow exposure to experiences and social and emotional skills that need to be developed. In order to engage, our pupils need to see relevance and purpose in what they learn.

Therefore to maximise the potential of our pupils, we have carefully chosen texts to study that give us opportunities to explore PHSE core themes. Links are also made  in RE, Geography, History and the Arts.

As well as having PHSE and British Values embedded in our curriculum the whole school follows the scheme “Mindmate” alongside carefully planned discrete lessons. Enrichment activities such as, visitors and workshops in school,  trips and residentials are planned to broaden our pupils’ Cultural Capital and to ensure that our curriculum is engaging and challenging for all.

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PSHE Progression of Skills and Knowledge

Please refer to our  Personal development Provision maps below for further details: