At Hawksworth Wood Primary School, we base our direct teaching of Phonics on the Read, Write Inc (RWI). RWI is a very successful and nationally recognised Phonics programme that aims to enable every child to become confident, accurate and fluent readers.

Since November 2016 we have implemented and adapted RWI to meet the needs of our children and have had positive results. In 2019, our year 1 pupils achieved above the national average at 87% in the statutory Year 1 phonics screening check (click here for further information about the check).

In Phonics teaching the children:

  • learn 44 sounds and the corresponding letters/letter groups using simple picture prompts and mnemonics
  • learn to read words using Fred talk and sound blending
  • read from a range of storybooks and non-fictions books matched to their phonic knowledge
  • work well with partners
  • develop comprehension skills in stories by answering ‘Find It’ and ‘Prove It’ discussion questions

Below are some links to resources and phonics games that can be accessed for free. All of these can be accessed at home, just click on the blue link!

  • Hawksworth Wood Phonics Parent Handbook 2019-20
    This document provides further information about our RWI approach, explains the terminology, how to pronounce the sounds, the mnemonics used for letter formation and can direct you to useful YouTube videos or to buy resources to support at home.
  • RWI Parents Support Videos
    A variety of videos covering many aspects of RWI from pronouncing the sounds to supporting home reading.
  • ICT Games
    A range of interactive phonics games that develop sound recognition and blending skills.
  • Phonics Play – (free subscription and paid available)
    Further games that aim to develop sound recognition, the sight reading of the red/tricky words and sound discrimination games.
  • Alphablocks by BBC
    Child-friendly short videos that expose children to hearing the sounds through storytelling and blending sounds to read simple words.
  • Sound specific BBC videos
    The sounds on this link are a mixture of the RWI Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds. Short videos exposing children to hearing the sounds and practise oral blending to read simple words.

School Phonics Lead: Miss Sandal