At Hawksworth Wood Primary, we have created a progress pathway which identifies the degree to which a child has secured the learning content stated in the National Curriculum.

A typical child will be assessed as Yr X EXPECTED if they securely achieve the curriculum subject expectations for their age by the end of each school year.

Although we understand that for some, progress is not ways a smooth steady process, we would hope that a typical child’s progress pathway for each term would be:

  • Yr X Entering by the end of the Autumn Term
  • Yr X Developing by the end of the Easter term
  • Yr X Expected by the end of the Summer term.

Some children will be working at a standard which is above Expected. Their knowledge, understanding and application of skills and concepts will be greater; demonstrating a higher level of learning and ability. In line with the DfE, we adhere to their guidance and have created 2 further assessment standards – ADVANCED & DEEP. Children assessed at this standard are working above the Expected Standard for their age.

Similarly, some children may not have reached Expected by the end of an academic year. In this instance, we have created 2 pre-expected standards – ENTERING & DEVELOPING. Children assessed at these standards will usually be able to access the national curriculum statements for their age, but will not have secured all the required statements to achieve Expected.