Clay work in 4PR

We have been creating tessellating clay tiles based on a Roman theme.                          

Leeds Grand Theatre Trip

Year 4 visited Leeds Grand Theatre to find out all about what happens backstage. The children were shown around the entire theatre. The children in 4PR said the most exciting parts were sitting in the highest seats in the theatre, finding out about the lighting and...


We have been learning all about life in Roman times. We found out about Roman homes, what life was like as a Roman soldier and the legacy of the Roman’s in Britain today. The children have produced some wonderful art work related to our topic, including sketched...

Festivals of Light

As part of our RE topic, children have been learning about Hanukkah. The children have learnt about the story behind the celebration   and also how the festival is celebrated. Over the next half term children will continue to learn about other Festivals of Light.  ...

Autumn Art

The children have been studying the changes that take place in Autumn. They have then used their observations to create some beautiful Autumn art work .