Our Mindmate lesson was all about friendship and kindness! At the start, we were given two presents. The children in 1T all suggested a member of the class who they thought deserved to open the presents and they chose Olivia and Scarlet.


Before opening them, we were excited!


Somebody¬†said they felt nervous as well as excited – just in case the present wasn’t something they liked.



When wrapping paper started to come off though, there were no more nerves, just excitement!



Chocolate biscuits!





After this, we watched a short film about an elephant who wasn’t sure if his friends were laughing with him, or at him.

After some discussion, we decided that it’s good if friends laugh with you.


Finally, we all made some ‘Happiness Elephants’ which were the same colour as the elephant in our story.

We took it in turns to hold up our elephant and say something that our friends do to make us happy everyday.



We learned some valuable lessons about happiness and how closely it can be linked to how we treat our friends and how they treat us.