At the end of last term, Year 1 decided they’d had enough of the snow and set off to find a warmer climate!

Here are some pictures of some of the warm weather creatures we met along the way!


It was so peaceful in the butterfly house – but really, really hot!

Nezaya had a staring contest with some fish!

These fish swam together in a group called a shoal.

The cheeky meerkats were a firm favourite with most of us!

This reptile was surfacing for some air when we walked by.

This one was just sunbathing and minding his own business. I hope we didn’t scare him!

Oh no! Alligators! Thank Goodness for that glass screen!

We sketched some animals and wrote down interesting facts that we found out.

This was the biggest fish in the whole place – you could have fit most of 1T inside it….if Mr. Tinsley was feeling mean!

These prickly customers were everywhere in the Kalahari room!

A snake! We tried hissing ‘Good Morning’ at him, but he didn’t take any notice of us!

The scariest animals of the lot!